Friday, July 24, 2015

Take them outside!

Sometimes you just need to take your toys outside.
This is an older shot, taken a few years ago. Creative Photoshop skills here. The Flight Pod is actually hooked onto a piece of curtain rod that I digitally erased.
I think this is a goblin from the Hobbit figure line. I like the weird looking creatures sometimes more than the standard characters from toy lines.
Gator - my custom troop. The Club used a similar formula for an update to Outback for their Zombie convention set. Everything works well with these pieces to make for an interesting character. Digitally tweaked like the rest of the pictures.
Tunnel Rat from Renegades, excellent figure. Great to shot in weird odd locations.
POC Jungle Duke because he's in the jungle? You've got to put him in his natural environment!
World War Hulk? Barbarian Hulk? Either way, he looks pretty dang cool! And then I notice that the harness isn't sitting down flush on his shoulder until I start editing the pictures. Sigh...
Thorin from the Hobbit series. That head sculpt looks pretty good on a standard Joe body as well. Maybe I'll come up with a new character?
Helix. Because...
Helix is probably one of the best, easily top five figures from the Rise of Cobra series. I don't know why Hasbro hasn't re-used the body, but it's a damn shame.

Recondo with arm mods. Gotta' put the jungle guy in the jungle!
Bilbo because I wanted a hobbit. Not a great figure, but still fun.
 The goblin again, but at the beach from my recent vacation. He's ugly, but very photogenic.
Barbarian Hulk on the beach again. It was just too damn hot and the wind was blowing sand everywhere. Moan, moan, bitch, bitch... #FirstWorldProblems
I've posted this one before. Repeater and Bombstrike recovering a downed drone.

I've done quite a few outdoor photoshoots over the years. That's one aspect I've always enjoyed about toy collecting. 
Stay young, have fun!

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Tony said...

I rarely take my figures out.Heck they hardly ever leave my room where I have them on display.If I'm planning a day out with the fam,then I may shove one lucky Joe In my pocket to snap pix of but that's about it.