Monday, July 6, 2015

FSS 4.0 Reveals: Interrogator

The Club has finally resumed the reveals for the remaining FSS figures. With the new subscription due date of July 15th, I hope they get busy with the rest of the reveals.
There seems to be mixed reactions, as usual, from the bits of the GI Joe fan community that I frequent. More butt-hurt, I suppose, because the figure doesn't look exactly like original or the parts choices aren't the best. "I would have used these parts..." Cry babies...

I think the Interrogator looks pretty good. The only issue that I have right now is that the head/helmet seems a bit too low on the neck. Hopefully, that's just an issue with this mock-up image. I think the color combination looks good. Not too thrilled with the accessories, but the gear has never really been a strong point with Club figures. 

I'm interested in the idea that he has a removable helmet. What does he look like underneath? Hopefully something cool from Boss Fight!

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