Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yes, I Like Delta Accelerator Suits!

Okay, fine... I'll admit it. I like the Delta Accelerator Suits from Rise of Cobra.
Well, almost.

I like the concept of powered armor suits for soldiers. After reading the manga for "All You Need is Kill" and watching "Edge of Tomorrow" a couple times, as well as "Starship Troopers," I like the idea even better.

I'm okay with the Joe team using cutting edge technology like an armored suit. I don't have a problem with that. The biggest problem that I have with the Delta suits was the way that they ran fast when wearing the suit. 

Can the human body really withstand being made to move faster than the biological design parameters?
For my weird GI Joe world up in my brain, these suits represent combat armor, designed to survive a significant level of small arms fire as well as strength enhancements.

So what about this guy?
Not a problem for me. Barricade is simply outfitted in a version 2 Delta suit. The key in my mind is the reset of the GI Joe mythos. The 80's were a long time ago and are done. Any new GI Joe character that comes out now, despite his original design back in the 80's, is a current 21st century character. GI Joe began in the 21st century. I rebooted because it's my GI Joe world. Deal with it. Barricade only looks like Capt. Power because he's bright gold and blue. Let's just drag out more obscure dead toy lines.

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