Monday, June 1, 2015

FSS 4.0 Reveals: Nunchuk & Inferno BAT

Two more reveals from the GI Joe Club for FSS 4.0.

First up is Nunchuk, a member of Ninja Force. Looks like the Club is using what is now the standard ninja body. The head is from a version of Storm Shadow from one of the comic 2-packs from a few years ago. Pretty decent looking to me. Some have said that he needs web gear rather than just the belt. 
I'm kinda getting tired of all the ninjas. I know they've been a part of GI Joe mythos and they're an easy figure to go with because of Hasbro resources. I'll be glad to be past the ninja phase. 
I like BATs. I really like BATs. The 25th anniversary update was and still is one of the best updates Hasbro did for the modern era. Initially finding them in the wild was tough until the 25th line faded from regular retail and the overstock moved into Family Dollar stores. $3.00 for BATs. I guess you could say I went a little BAT-sh!t crazy. I think I have around two dozen of the regular BATs, 2 of the "Resolute" BATs, and 3 Jungle BATs.

I like BATs.

But this one? Not so much. Word is that some of the pieces will be translucent on the final figure. Not really interested. I'll have to put this figure at the bottom of the list right now plus, I'm not thrilled when the Club does a non-character troop builder. Basically a figure that you'd want multiples of, like the standard BAT. 

With this reveal, Nunchuk is a keeper and the Inferno BAT will probably head off to the secondary market. 

I'm ready for some more reveals!

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Tony said...

I can see Barbecue having a field day putting away those Inferno BATS,lol!I like both of them,although a G.I. Joe Vs. Cobra version of Nunchuck could have been bad ass.