Tuesday, June 30, 2015

GI Joe Club Dr. Mindbender Review

I figure it's about time that I get caught up on my lame reviews. This year's "free" membership exclusive figure is a new version of Dr. Mindbender. His look comes from his appearance during the cold weather/BET sequence of the GI Joe animated movie. 
While the overall look of the figure is great, I'm still not terribly excited by the figure. I'm just not really digging the poofy purple coat. I know it looks pretty close to the design of character, but it still doesn't work for me. I wonder what Dr. Mindbender's favorite color is? I'm pretty sure this is the Renegades Cobra Commander body with the added poofy elements. 

The accessories are decent enough, nothing overly impressive, but they work. I'm going to have to print a sticker for the good Doctor's laptop.
The head sculpt is the real winner for this figure. Another Boss Fight creation that just captures the character. 
 While the paint apps are a bit off on the mustache, it's not anywhere near being 50th Anniversary Leatherneck bad.
Here's my current Mindbender in my collection. I was able to randomly pick up a white lab coat Dr. Lewis from the Rise of Cobra collection and nearly immediately was able to make a deal for the Dr. Mindbender figure from the Defense of Cobra Island set. That's a damn fine head sculpt and has served me well.
But now, I think I have my new Dr. Mindbender. The head sits a little high on the neck, but it will work. My only issue that I have is that the Rex body is just so much smaller than the more modern bodies. I'm working through my various bits and pieces to see if there is an alternative body. The criteria being that I have to be able to use the white lab coat. I'm not much into doing huge body part switches, so I'll have to figure something out.
Yeah, this is a pretty good look for Dr. Mindbender. I've got to make sure that I keep the lab coat. None of this bare chested, purple pants nonsense.
For now, the purple party dress body will go into the parts bin and I'll stick with the lab coat version.

What are your thoughts on the new Dr. Mindbender?

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Barbecue17 said...

I like that the Club's Mindbender uses Sci-Fi's backpack as the generator for Mindbender's probe weapon. I always thought it was far too cumbersome for him to carry that huge generator around. It's much more convenient this way.