Friday, June 12, 2015

FSS 3.0: Crimson Guard Immortal

The final shipment arrived a couple weeks ago and I'm finally getting around to reviewing the last three figures.

First up will be an individual look at the Crimson Guard Immortal. Last year for FSS 2.0, the Club released the Desert Scorpion as part of the line up. I never really liked that figure originally and didn't really like the idea of a troop builder being included as part of a collection of high priced figures. I like to troop build and I'm also fairly cheap. 
The new Crimson Guard Immortal is another case of an expensive troop builder. I didn't like the original figure too much and only bought a few way back in 1991. I've always liked the Crimson Guard concept and the original figure was pretty cool, but I've never been really pleased with the modern updates.
I considered opening this guy and thinking of him as an individual character, perhaps an officer of some sort. Ultimately, I decided to let him go. For last year's FSS 2.0, I didn't keep the Desert Scorpion, Big Bear, or Dragonsky. This year, I'm keeping 12 of the 13 figures. 
FSS 3.0 has turned out to be a generally strong group of characters.True, many of them were previously released as part of a convention exclusive set, but since I don''t have that set, I'm very pleased to have all of these figures.

Coming up next - Big Ben and the mystery #13 figure.
Oh wait... I'm so late. Everyone knows by now.

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