Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Leader

Sometimes you just stumble across a figure that you just can't leave in the store. Once in a while, I'll swing by the local 5 Below and see if they have anything of interest back in the toy section. The GI Joe figures are long gone, but sometimes oddball treasures can be found.
I came across this figure of the Leader from the Avengers line. I've never seen the figure anywhere else, so for $5.00, why not? Somehow, I've got to be able to integrate him into my bizarre twisted world. Based on the look of the figure straight out of the package, he definitely has an alien vibe about him. I don't integrate too many super heroes into my GI Joe toy world, so he can possibly fit in as maybe some sort of alien?

The articulation of the body isn't too bad. There's pivoting knee and hip joints, rotating shoulders and elbows, and the ball and socket neck. No waist movement or any hand or feet movement.
Just look at that head sculpt! So awesome! (crappy picture aside)
Or maybe he's just Dr. Mindbender after a bad day in the lab? The socket in the head is a bit larger than the standard neck post for Joe figures, so there will need to be something added to tighten the head onto a neck.

I'm thinking his future lies as a Cobra scientist gone bad. What are your thoughts?

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Tony said...

I love displaying figures like Leader,Baron Zemo and Red Skull next to my C.C.The aura of evil Is unprecedented,lol!Leader does look alot like a mutated Mindbender,sands the monocle.