Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FSS 3.0: Big Ben & Frostbite

Wrapping up the reviews, I finally arrive at the last two figures  - Big Ben and Frostbite. Technically, these are numbers 11 and 13. The Crimson Guard Immortal didn't stick around and found a new home.

This last shipment ends strong for the Club. These last two Joe characters really turned out extremely well.
Big Ben is a fairly faithful reproduction of the original figure. The Club captured the essential elements of the character and makes everything work great together. Except that backpack. I'm not too thrilled with it. It doesn't close smoothly and doesn't fit too well on his back, especially when he's wearing the bullet bandoleers. 
The head sculpt is great with just some minimal paint apps for the camo pattern.
Check it out! He's got a Bluetooth earpiece! Snazzy looking Union Jack there on his right sleeve.
SAF tag on the left shoulder.
Overall, Big Ben is well put together. The Club chose wisely when putting him together. Boss Fight's head sculpt adds immensely to the design.
I'm not too thrilled with the ammo belts, but they work and give the desired look to the figure. They're just a little too bulky to work with the backpack.
The mysterious #13! Frostbite! The Club had a Tiger Force version of Frostbite for the most recent convention set. He looked like the same figure, just with the Tiger Force colors. Many people figured, correctly, that the Club would just go with the same figure, but with the more accurate original arctic uniform.

Last year's #13 figure was disappointing. This year, the Club kicked ass.
This head sculpt is amazing. I always liked Frostbite and the Snow Cat. Even with that silly grin on the original figure. This new scowl on his face just works so much better. 
Boss Fight also created the new collar piece for Frostbite. Excellent detailing on this piece and there's also an attached working holster. Frostbite is rocking two pistols!
Not a huge issue, but the pistols are a bit loose in both holsters. Still pretty cool that he can have a pistol in each hand.
There always seems to be at least one issue with most figures, Club or Hasbro. Here's Frostbite's issue. This silly explosive pack. This is a recreation of the pack originally included with the very first Snake Eyes figure. It looked cool then, way back in 1982, but it just doesn't work here. It's too stiff and plain looking. A white version of the pack that came with Big Ben would have been better.
Frostbite's goggles are also removable. The easiest way to put them on or take them off seems to be popping his head off and sliding them up from underneath. No big deal.
I don't know that Frostbite appreciates me talking shit about his stuff. He looks a little pissed to me.

And that's it for FSS 3.0! Overall, I'm very pleased with the Club's efforts. There have been a few issues with the figures, but they've basically been some high quality stuff.

I'm looking forward to more reveals for FSS 4.0!


Tony said...

I'm not too familiar with Big Ben as I was just getting out of collecting Joes when the o ring version released.I still think he's a kick ass figure,both this and the vintage versions.Frostbite looks amazing.That head sculpt Is original!

Dr Syn said...

Just got my Big Ben today, that head sculpt is gorgeous.

Good body parts from RoC Desert duke (all upper body) and legs from PoC Dusty.

Barbecue17 said...

Really good reviews of these two, Tom! I really, really am tempted by these FSS figures but the price is just a barrier I cannot get myself to overcome yet.

Big Ben is awesome, though, and both of these guys have some fantastic headsculpts. The paint seems really clean and sharp, too. I just wish Frostbite's rifle would have been molded in black. I'm not a fan of having the weapons molded in white plastic.