Friday, May 1, 2015

Hasbro 2015 Two Packs

GI Joe is not dead! Yet...
Hasbro attended the 2015 JoeCon in Springfield recently and shared their plans for new product this year. I didn't go, but have seen the Hasbro press release images and thought that I would toss out my opinion on each set. 
First up is Classic Clash: Storm Shadow vs. Spirit. This pairing of characters was brought about by their interactions during one of the animated mini series. The Weather Dominator series, I believe. 
While this version of Storm Shadow is based on his v2 figure, I'm not really sure what the design idea for Spirit is. Originality? That's a switch. It looks like Spirit is using at least the upper torso of Retaliation Flint. I think it works great. 
There's a high probability that I'll pick up this set. I'm more interested in Spirit than Stormy. Once you have this Stormy, you don't need anymore.
Next up is Marine Devastation: Gung Ho vs. Cobra Shadow Guard. The Cobra Shadow Guard is just a black Crimson Guard figure. I like the concept of the CG's but haven't really liked any of the modern updates. This guy may wind up as custom material.
Gung Ho looks damn awesome. Sure, he's got that baby blue uniform, but he still looks pretty dang cool. There's been some concern that Hasbro used the Rock/Roadblock body with GH; I don't think so. I think this may be a new body. Looks awesome! Although, I would agree with other opinions and wish he was done in greens rather than the baby blues.
Next is Swamp Steam: Blowtorch vs. Croc Master. No thanks. I wasn't overly impressed with the modern Croc Master. And another Blowtorch? Seriously? but, ooh... it's the unreleased more military paint deco! Who gives a crap? Since when have flame projection weapons been a part of the military?
This is a complete pass.
But what about that red alligator?!?! Nope...
When I first posted, I forgot to add this set - Hunt for Cobra Commander: Cobra Commander and Shipwreck. Don't know about this one. Let's start with the highlight - Shipwreck. I like the look of the "uniform" he's wearing. Looks like great custom potential. I really don't need another Shipwreck.
Now how about that sassy Cobra Commander? Red cape, red shoes, red gloves, and a red hood. Well, ain't he pretty? I'm thinking I might just buy one of these sets for the custom potential of Shipwreck and the comedy potential with sassy red Co-Co.

Last up is the Troop Build-Up: Steel Brigade vs. Iron Grenadier. This is a strong possibility. Both are some pretty decent troop builders. I like the Steel Brigade much more than the Iron Grenadier, primarily because the IG is more of a "heavy weapons" type of soldier, while the SB seems to be a much more light infantry type of soldier.
I've got quite a few SB's, maybe six or seven, and only two or three IG's. If I get a couple of these sets, I'll be pleased. I'm thinking a little bit of custom work for the SB's; I really like the uniform colors. I'm not quite sure what I would do with the IG's, they are just so big and bulky. 

Not a bad bunch of figures for the two-packs this year. Two definite sets, two maybe, and one nope.

Only time will tell what lies beyond 2015. 


Dr Syn said...

ARGH you missed the Shipwreck vs Red Shoes Diary Cobra Commander.

I rather like all the 2-packs even the Blowtorch vs Croc Master.

Bro Midnight said...

Im looking forward to these!

Thomas Brooks said...

Thanks, Dr Syn, for catching the miss of Co-Co & Shippy. (sounds like a new buddy comedy)

James said...

I can do with out the blow torch and shipwreck,The others im excited about but cc with red shoes??? Lame