Wednesday, May 27, 2015

FSS 4.0 Reveals: Law & Order

Next up from the GI Joe Club FSS 4.0 reveals is Law & Order. The Club stated in the reveal of the list that Law would be more similar to the colors of the original o-ring figure.
My first thought was that the Club would use everything about the modern update based on the Renegades character of Law & Order.


It looks like the Club is going with the vest that first appeared on Wild Bill (who desperately needs a modern update w/o a pin head). Looks pretty good to me. He matches the vintage figure nicely and fits in right alongside the Renegades version.
So Law has a different set of gear to wear. Do the members of GI Joe always have to wear the same uniform?
It looks like Order is a very different color pattern as well. Why not two dogs?
Good job by the Club on Law & Order!

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Tony said...

It sucks that these are only club exclusives.