Wednesday, May 6, 2015

FSS 3.0 Bombstrike & Night Creeper Leader

The fifth shipment of FSS 3.0 has arrived! Night Creeper leader (NCL) and Bombstrike are the next two figures up for a quick review.

First up is the sister of the Stall clan, Bombstrike. There's an interesting story behind the Stall kids. Barrel Roll is an active member of GI Joe, while Black Out is a GI Joe wash-out now working for Cobra. Both Barrel Roll and Black Out have been a part of the previous FSS 1.0 collection. I've got a custom of Black Out that I'm pleased with. Perhaps one day, I'll figure out a custom for Barrel Roll.
Bombstrike has turned out to be one of the best figures of the FSS 3.0 series. I'm very please at what the Club did with her. I haven't really compared the various body parts, but it looks like the Club used Retaliation Lady Jaye's torso, Lady Jaye's arms, and RoC Scarlet's legs. Everything works great together. I'm not real thrilled with the arms; they don't bend well at the elbows, but they'll do. The hands aren't the best either.
The head sculpt is excellent. A very feminine face with a hint of a mischievous look. Her vibrant blond hair is well sculpted also. 
Bombstrike comes with a decent set of accessories. She comes with the computer case that came with the PoC Hawk figure, the drone that came with the Data Viper, an assault rifle, and a pistol.
 The face is just so well done. Boss Fight did a great job. The paint apps turned out very well also. 
 Bombstrike takes her place among a few of the FSS 2.0 and 3.0 Joe figures. 
Next up is the Night Creeper Leader (NCL). This figure is actually based on the paint scheme of the 2nd version of the original o-ring figure. Apparently, there was some sort of issue related to which color palette the Club was going to use. I really didn't care and I really didn't like the character that much anyway. 

NCL comes with a crap-load of gear. He comes with the traditional Night Creeper crossbow, a couple swords, some small spiky knives, a couple shurikens, and some clip-on mini machine guns.
The clip-on machine guns just don't really work very well with these specific hands. The hands are designed more for the various martial arts weapons.
As for the look of the NCL's head, there has been some issues related to the Club trying to recapture the look of the original. I applaud their attempt, but it didn't work well. I think this could be the Serpentor head sculpt.
In an attempt to match the blindfold over the eyes, the Club has a separate piece that goes over the eyes. The problem with this is the gap between the painted hair or whatever that black splat is. 
I don't really have a huge issue with the black splat. It's not great, but it's not totally horrific. It kind of reminds me of a possible monk haircut. I'm not picking a particular brand of monk, it just sort of looks that way. If you consider it as a monk style haircut, it would work. 
If not, then just don't worry about the blindfold aspect and push the purple band up a little. This works fine too.
One issue that I do have with this figure is this damn web gear. I don't like it when Hasbro uses it and I don't like it when the Club does. I like the look of it, but it's just so inflexible. It's just bulky. NCL looks actually better without it, in my opinion. 
I like these three figures more than I thought I would. NCL isn't in the top five, but he's better than I expected. I don't think he'll be the NCL for me. 
I don't have a Slice.... Hmm...

Quite a few ninjas on the Cobra side of this FSS. Wait... All ninjas so far? That's cool, I guess. I do like the ninja aspect of the GI Joe/Cobra conflict, but I would have liked to see some different characters though.

I'm planning a post on what I would like from future FSS series. Not that my opinion counts for much, but I'll give it a whirl anyway.

Big Ben, Crimson Guard Immortal, and #13 are next! I'll agree with the guesses out there on #13 - Frostbite. Stay tuned!

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Bombstrike has a great face sculpt.