Thursday, May 21, 2015

FSS 4.0 Reveals: Barricade & Jammer

And cries of outrage echoed across the land. 
Cue "butt-hurt" sound effect.

The GI Joe Collectors Club revealed the first two figures from FSS 4.0. At JoeCon this year, the Club only revealed the list of character names. last weekend, they promised that the reveals would begin and ordering would opened up.

First up are Barricade and Jammer.

Barricade first appeared in 1992 and I immediately liked the figure and the character. I've always thought that the Joe team needed armored troops. I remember buying quite a few of him to make some customs.
When I first saw Barricade on the list from the Club, I figured that they would go the route of using the Delta suit torso from the Rise of Cobra figures. Oh, the freaking outrage that is rocketing around the various Facebook GI Joe pages. Damn, what the hell do people expect? An exact duplicate of the original? 

Oh yeah, the Club is just rolling in money and can afford to make brand new tooling to satisfy fanboy whims. "Oh dear god, my childhood is forever raped!"

Maybe I'm just becoming a Club apologist, but I think they generally do a damn fine job. They use the resources that Hasbro allows them to use and generally come up with some pretty decent figures. Some are better than others, while some just kinda' suck a little more. Hell, Hasbro didn't hit everything out of the park.

Next up is Jammer, a character from the Action Force line. Jammer originally was just a straight up repaint of the original Stalker figure from 82. I think he's supposed to be Action Force's communication guy, so the Dial Tone back pack works for me.
I can't ID all of the parts that are being used, but it appears to be a significant upgrade to the "original" bodies from the 25th Anniversary line. the Club is also using the new Stalker head sculpt from the 2015 Convention set.

I like the looks of this guy. I think the Club did a solid update for him.

So what... I'm a Club apologist. I like action figures better than pissing and moaning about how something doesn't look quite right.

Life's too short to be an asshole.


Bro Midnight said...

I really dont see the problem with Barricade. What did people want the hot pink version from the battle corps?

James said...

I feel Barricade loks to much like Captain Power and soldiers of the future toy. Id pass on this one if it was on the pegs. Jammer is a nice lookin fig i dig the camo.