Friday, May 1, 2015

Hasbro 2015 Three Packs

Next up for consideration are the three packs to be released by Hasbro this year. This is a tougher call than the two-packs. Quite a few misses as far as I'm concerned.
First up is the Chase for the MASS Device set with Cobra Commander, a Cobra Paratrooper, and Screaming Duke. I'm not impressed at all. I think most of this set comes from the 5th DVD set that was so tough to find at retail several years ago. I think the Cobra Commander is one of the older, original versions that just sucked in comparison to the most recent Ultimate version. The Cobra Trooper is one of the older modern body styles and Screaming Duke is just dumb. He does make for some good comedy relief though. I've heard that the CLAW is pretty weak. The camera looks interesting, but not enough to waste money on this set. Nothing much of interest here.
Next up is the Rock Rampage with a Cobra Shock Trooper, a Cobra Rock Viper, and Alpine. The elusive Alpine figure from the previously mentioned rare DVD set. I want this one primarily for Alpine. I can always use another Shock Trooper and I really don't give a rat's ass about the Rock Viper. Maybe I can trade the Rock Viper for someone's Shock Trooper.
Alpine looks great, I want him. He's so much better than the Club's shorts wearing Alpine.
Next on the list is Sneak Attack with Dusty, Firefly, and Bazooka. Dusty and Bazooka are blue toned. Why? What's the reasoning? I don't get it. Does it look like Bazooka is now using the Rock/Roadblock body?
I think this is the most recent Ultimate Firefly, perhaps the awesome one from the Retaliation Cobra Invasion Team 3-pack.
Overall, I'm not impressed with this set. It will have to be in my hands for me to look it over and consider it. Probably a pass.
Finally there's the Vanishing Act with Torpedo, Hit&Run, and Zartan. Interesting set, but I'm not sure. Torpedo looks good, but I'm more about land ops rather than aquatic ops. I'm not quite understanding the Hit&Run figure. Initially looks interesting. I like the colors. Is his face in shades of gray too? Dammit if it is.
Zartan? Yeah, he looks decent, but I'm suffering from Zartan fatigue. I'm kinda' over his original look and really haven't settled on which version is my "default" Zartan.

Not much of real excitement or interest for me with the three packs. One definite, two maybes, and one nope. 

I'll reevaluate once I see them in hand or pictures and reviews once they show up in August. 


Tony said...

The problem with these Is that I'm pretty sure Wal Mart or any other stores that are nearby won't be carrying them.I doubt I'll be making the trek out to TRU for them,either.Although I really like the Gung Ho and Stormy.

Dr Syn said...

That Firefly looks like he has a new Holster and pouch for the thigh slots, also the Knife Sheath. Loving his tricked out UMP/MP5/whatever.

That Hit N'Run will be the base for upgrading my RoC Shockwave (from the Nightcreeper 2-pack)

James said...

I need all 4 and a couple shock troopers very excited for these three packs.not a fan of bazooka in blue.