Monday, April 13, 2015

FSS 3.0: Alpine & Hit n Run

Unbelievable! I'm getting my reviews caught up before the next set of figures show up!

Next up for review are Hit & Run and Alpine. Both of these figures turned out decent, but they both still have some odd issues in my opinion.
Let's start off with Hit & Run. He looks amazing, great paint apps on the uniform and the green paint on his face and arms is not solid green like his previous incarnations.
I do wish that H&R wasn't quite this green though. I like to be able to display figures in various types of situations and H&R will always seem like he needs to be in the brush somewhere or immediately headed into combat. I don't see how he can be displayed as a part of a mission prep type display.

Some other Joe - "Geeze, dude, do you always have to wear that green sh!t on your face?"
"Yup, just like Duke always wears a khaki shirt and green pants."
Oh my, look at that stubble. I never really noticed it at first because my near vision is much more blurry as I get older. So it just looked fuzzy to me. Noted toy photographer, Monte Williams, pointed out this weird pixelated stubble on Facebook and that was the first time I noticed it. Reading glasses confirmed this odd pixel pattern for his stubble. 
Maybe H&R is just very organized in the way he grows his beard. That's really the only negative for me for H&R. Overall, he looks great and has some decent gear as well.
Alpine in shorts? Or are they lederhosen? This version of Alpine is based on a new sculpt era version. These are combat shorts!
Alpine is definitely not in the top five of the FSS 3.0. There's just bits of oddness about him. The skin color is really weird. I'm not really sure what color it's supposed to be. His face is a bit odd too. Very similar to the RoC Ripcord head sculpts.
The gear is not that great either. The rope coil is too large and easily slips off his shoulder. Not a bad figure, but not one of the best of this series.
Here's a shot of all of the Joes that have been currently released from FSS 3.0. I think I would rate them in the following order:

  1. Repeater
  2. Muskrat
  3. Psyche-Out
  4. Hit&Run
  5. Spearhead
  6. Alpine
Only four more plus the bonus figure left to go!

**Note: JoeCon 2015 was last weekend. The list for FSS 4.0 is out. Thoughts on that coming soon.


Bro Midnight said...

I do not care for the Alpine at all.The Alpine I keep on display is the version from the DVD 5 pack and I thinks thats what Ill stick with.

Tony said...

I love the Hit and Run figure,but surprisingly like the Valor Vs. Venom Alpine better than this version.Both are solid enough figs,though :)

James said...

Oh man hit and run is a bad ass fig. Alpine looks terrible looks like a corps fig.