Sunday, April 5, 2015

Command Team

Toward the tail-end of the Pursuit of Cobra series of figures, Hasbro released a version of General Hawk that was just pretty damn cool. Oddly enough, the figure was basically a combination of parts, much like what the Club is doing for GI Joe collectors. 

I don't know the recipe of parts used,but they all worked well together. The beauty of the figure was the custom potential. Simple gear swaps and head swaps turned Hawk into an assortment of other characters.

The figure was again reused for the pathetic 50th Anniversary line in a three pack with Destro and Leatherneck. My collection of this figure initially started with three Hawk's and the 50th version bumped my team up to four.

Toys R Us must have found a pallet or two of PoC figures in their warehouses, because various stores around the country started stocking a case or two. I stopped by my local store, which usually sucks for GI Joe product, and found a couple more of these guys - $7.99 each too!

Now I have a six man team, perhaps my command team? But which one is Hawk? 

For this row, I've got General Hawk and the Flint head from the 50th Danger at the Docks set. But this isn't General Hawk for me. I've always thought that this head sculpt just looks too young. Therefore, this General Hawk becomes Sparks. At least my version of Sparks.

Snowjob and RoC Hawk? Sure, why not? I really don't have much use for arctic troops down here in the south, with little or no snow during winters. I had an extra 25th Snowjob and just glued the helmet to the head. Works for me.

As far as the Quaid/Hawk head from Rise of Cobra, I really like the head sculpt and the fact that there is some age to the face. I'm not 100% sure yet, but I think this is my default Hawk.

Duke and Footloose. Footloose? But the Club did such a good job on that figure? Yeah, they did, but I just wasn't completely satisfied. The head sculpt kicks ass and I just think that it works better on the body. Still Footloose? Yeah, I think so. But not the laid back persona of the original figure. He's tougher now, he's seen too much. 

Overall, I've got a nice command team.


Bro Midnight said...

That is a great looking team! I never really thought about using that Hawk as a base to make a complete team of characters.I live in the south as well and my favorite thing to collect GI Joe wise is arctic gear figures.

Thomas Brooks said...

I can hook you up with some Snow Serpents if you need more!

James said...

I wouldent mind if Hasbro made these in abundance like 6 figs to a pack to army build. I plan on useing one for a field medic..but great for customs too love the command team aspect.