Sunday, April 5, 2015

FSS 3.0 - Vypra & Spearhead

Next up for review on this sad little blog is Vypra and Spearhead.

Vypra is a newer character that appeared during the resurrection of GI Joe after the line shut down in 1994. Her first version came with the Cobra Rattler 4WD. Nothing to do with the Cobra Rattler fighter jet. I never had that figure; I wasn't really interested again in GI Joe back in the late 90's. There were a few figures I may have picked up around then, but I just wasn't very impressed.

The first version of Vypra was just a simple repaint of the original Jinx figure from 1987. The Club does pretty much the same thing with this new version, using the body from the SDCC exclusive figure.

The primary difference is the use of the lower legs from the Lady Jaye figure from Retaliation. I like the idea of the boots better than the ninja slippers that Jinx wears.
Vypra is supposed to be some sort of courier for Cobra despite her obvious ninja appearance. Doesn't matter to me. She's just another Cobra ninja to me. But I'm just not very thrilled with the rather boring "Jinx" head. So I changed her.
I found a Sif figure from the Thor line at a local discount store called Maxway for only $3.00. While the Sif figure was pretty well done, I was more interested in the head sculpt. A simple swap and I've got an unmasked Vypra. Looks good to me.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with Vypra, not a very impressive figure, but done well enough. 

Next up is Spearhead and his pet Cheeto bobcat, Max. The original figure from 1988 was one of my least favorite figures of the original line. Just too much bright orange in the color palette. 

This new version was originally from the Club's Convention set, Nocturnal Fire. He was, like his other GI Joe team members, colored in his Night Force colors. I think... there were some initial color designs from the Club with Spearhead in similar, but more muted orange tones in his uniform.

My limited understanding is that the Club bowed to pressure or overwhelming fan opinion to make his colors match more to the original version. 
I don't know how much of this figure is new material, besides his Cheeto-orange bobcat, Chester... I mean Max. 
I think the head sculpt may be from the PoC Dusty figure. It works well enough. The arms and legs come from the Cobra Shocktrooper body, while the torso is from an earlier 25th anniversary version of a Cobra soldier. 
The torso was probably chosen to allow the use of the older style vest from an early Firefly figure. I think the look is pretty decent and matches the look of the original figure well enough. I'm not real thrilled with the vest, primarily because it is short and the included belt just hangs so loosely. I may try a different vest just for kicks. 
Chester the Cheeto Cheetah or Max the bright orange bobcat. 

ITwo more decent figures from the Club. Not top of the line, mostly just a reuse of parts, but I'm pleased with what the Club is trying to do. My childhood (or 20's actually) is safe and not violated.

I still can't help but get a little irritated at the people who bitch and moan about the figures that the Club puts out. Are they top notch? No. Are they doing the best they can with the resources that are available to them? I hope and believe so.

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James said...

Lol @ cheeto! I like the fig alot still remeber getting the 80s version as a kid. But wish the color scheme was green/brown camo.