Friday, April 10, 2015

Contest Winner!

Back in January, I posted an entry about a "thing" that I put together out of parts from an old Robotix construction set. I decided to have a contest and have someone help me figure out a purpose behind the nefarious device.
I promoted it on various Facebook GI Joe related pages and even Tweeted about the contest. Finally, after many delays (and much laziness on my part), I have a winner!
James Verigin of Penticton, BC is the winner!
Here's his entry:
"Destro and CC needed to find a way to transport troops faster and more stealthier so He tracked down left over components from the Philadelphia experiment and had Mindbender reverse engineer it. After its completion and seeing it tested, Chuckles and Agent Faces posed as cobra Troops, alerted joeHQ, only to be captured. Now it's a race against time to save the 2 Joes and stop Cobra from this Teleportation type device."
I like the idea of the Philadelphia Experiment as being part of the back story of the device. Loved that movie. Such a weird movie and kinda' maybe sorta' based on a real life experiment. James and I are still working out the story to fill it out some more. His idea will be central to the tech behind the "thing" that I made.
James won and he chose one Cobra Blueshirt and Storm Shadow from the "Dollar General" sets of figures.
They safely arrived and Storm Shadow proceeded to beat up the Cobra soldier!
Thanks, James, for your winning entry!

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