Sunday, April 5, 2015

Ultimate Storm Shadow

I think I have previously expressed a feeling of weariness of both Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. There have been so many different versions of these two characters. I'm just kind of tired of all the different versions. SS & SE overdose, I suppose.

The PoC Snake Eyes (version 54) figure pretty much ended my need for any more Snake Eyes figures. Practically flawless. Just an amazing figure. I've still got one MOC because the packaging as well as the figure is just amazing. Now the Retaliation Snake Eyes figure was pretty damn cool as well. This version kicked a whole lot of other Snake Eyes version ass. Still not as good as version 54 though.

I was able to pick up the Renegades version of Storm Shadow, originally tough to find at retail. I was pretty much set and content with this version as my default version of Snake Eyes.

This particular version of Storm Shadow is the most recent version to be released. At the tale end of the Retaliation line, several exceptional "Ultimate" figures came out - barely at regular retail. I only saw some of this particular wave at either Rite-Aid or Walgreens. Seriously...

I never really had a strong interest in picking up this version because I was just kind of over Storm Shadow. But a simple trade recently changed my mind. I had randomly stopped by 5 Below one day, well after the infamous release of the $5.00 figures, including the Night Viper, and was able to pick up one last Night Viper. Didn't really want him, but I knew I had a nice trade item in hand.

I posted the Night Viper on a GI Joe Facebook page, just commenting on my good fortune, and someone wondered if I was interested in a trade for the Ninja Viper with this Storm Shadow.
Thankfully, I did the trade and I'm glad I did. This version of Storm Shadow is excellent and is now my default Stormy. Very reminiscent of the original Storm Shadow figure from way back in 1984 and that amazing appearance in GI Joe #21. The Renegades version can still work at times. Sometimes it's cold out and a ninja might need some long sleeves once in a while.

And that weird-ass jet-pack thing that he came with? I think it's in the trash now, not even the spare parts box. One of the dumbest, weirdest backpack things ever.

Bottom line - this is a damn fine Storm Shadow figure. 


Tony said...

I wasnt fortunate enough to find Renegade Stormy,but was able to snag this one up at 5 below.He is my default Stormy as well!

James said...

I as well am burnt out on SE and SS. But this is all my all time fav stormy figure. Right from the comics.