Friday, May 18, 2012

New Weapons from Marauder's

Sometimes, you just need to find an adequate replacement for merchandise that just doesn't seem to work out. Destro and MARS Industries has been producing weapons for Cobra for years. Cobra Commander thought that his revitalized troops needed new, revitalized weapons. That's where Marauder, Inc and the NVR Rifle comes in.
Much to Destro's dismay...
 Once I realized that this particular weapon from Marauder, Inc was loosely based on the original Viper rifle, I knew that I had to have enough for my growing army of POC/30th Vipers. The Vipers could never really hold the rifle that they came with very well. It just never seemed to fit right.
 In one of my first orders from Marauder, Inc, I had ordered a couple of these rifles, only because they looked cool. I don't know much of anything about weapons, but I knew that these were cool. These weapons just fit so much better into the grip of the Vipers. They can tuck them in tight, shoulder mount them, and just get ready to unload on the GI Joe team.
 Once I started picking up the new Vipers, I knew I needed more of these assault rifles. Unfortunately, Marauder, Inc was out! I posted a picture of them on their Facebook page and asked if more were on the way to the store. Fortunately, more were on the way! I just needed to be patient.
 Once they arrived, I knew that I had to have one for each of my Vipers. I decided to sell a mint-on-card POC Lowlight to raise the required funds. That worked out great! I made a nice profit and reinvested into more Marauder weapons. Not only did my Vipers get these new NVR's, my other Cobra troopers received some new AK-47's.
Destro is not pleased. Cobra Commander doesn't really care what he thinks. His troops are now armed with some of the best made, most affordable weapons that a maniacal despot can afford.

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Dr Syn said...

I've been meaning to buy a host of Marauder John's guns.

Those look terrific on the PoC/30th Vipers.