Thursday, May 24, 2012

Discount GI Joe figures - Part 1

In a surprising move, Hasbro has created a discounted line of figures that is rocking the GI Joe fan base. Six iconic characters with just a few minor paint app changes or gear changes for the low price of $6.00. 
I have been searching and searching for the past couple of weeks, trying to find these figures. Dollar General seems to be the target store. Maybe Family Dollar? Big Lots? Don't know right now.

I got lucky and found my first figure and it is actually my most desired figure - the Cobra Trooper in an all black uniform. This is just a quick review. I haven't had the chance to take pictures of the opened figure yet. Trust me, this is a damn fine figure.
The packaging is just so simple and really works well for the discount aspect of the figure. The card is smaller than a standard figure card. There is no file card - a disappointment, but not by much. I just really like the simplicity of the design of the packaging. Hasbro did a great job on these figures.
Once opened, you quickly realized that Hasbro cranked out a pretty decent figure for this discounted price. I'll review the figure in more detail in a later post, so I'll just cover some basics. The trooper uses the same mold as the POC/30th Cobra trooper. While there isn't as much gear as the POC/30th, there is just enough. Well, almost. The web gear is excellent. I think it comes from the 25th version of the Cobra officer and it works very well for this guy. A snug fit around the waist but a little loose at the shoulders. Close enough. Same helmet, just black. 
The trooper also comes with an AK-47, I don't know the origin, but it's cool. The only drawbacks to this figure are the empty pistol holster and knife sheath. No weapons included to fill them. No big deal, shop Marauder, Inc for replacements.
The only other drawback is the trooper's face. I'm kind of getting tired of this mug, but I'll deal with it. Plus the paint app is very pale. I guess he's a Night Watch commando for Cobra, because he's not getting much sunlight!
I really don't know what role this particular style of trooper will play in my twisted Joe-world. I know one thing about this guy - I need more, many more. I have around 15 of the 30th Trooper, so I'm thinking I need at least a dozen. With the less than stellar Retaliation figures, this will be an easy buy.Plus there are tons of Dollar Generals stores in my area.
The back of the card shows the other figures in this release.
Duke - in a plain green uniform - (makes a better Grunt!) Maybe a troop builder?
Snake Eyes - similar to the version 4 o-ring figure. I always liked this sculpt and am looking forward to this guy.
Shipwreck - sort of a Devil's Due/GI Joe vs Cobra look from 2002. Great custom potential as well, so I need a couple.
Cobra Commander - meh, I'll buy just one and see how he looks out of package.
Cobra Trooper - must have many!
Stormshadow - Ninja Force style uniform, except that it looks better. I'm kind of weary of Stromshadow, mainly because there have been so many lame versions of him. Not the Renegades version, that one is the ultimate Stormy. I like him, I want the figure.
Apparently there are going to be some paint app changes to these figures as well. I've seen pictures elsewhere on the inter-webs. Decent looking - we'll see.

With all the recent shenanigans about the Retaliation movie 9 month push back and concerns over the retail presence of GI Joe, I am much more interested in these figures than the movie stuff. Cheaper in cost and pretty decent updates. Maybe Hasbro can crank out some more of these as an interim product while they figure out this movie mess.

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Dr Syn said...

The AK-47 is the same one as the 25th Snow Serpent had, only in black (like the Jungle B.A.T's)