Thursday, May 31, 2012

GI Joe:Retaliation Figures - Just Some Quick Thoughts

I need to get down my thoughts on the Retaliation (RET) toy line in regards to what I have been able to find. By now, if you are a GI Joe fan, you know that the movie has been delayed until March 2013 and Hasbro recently stated that no more toys will be shipped beyond what is already in the hands of retailers.

Okay, so I wasn't too stressed. I can relax and be patient. Well, not really... New toys are out there and I want some! But I couldn't jump on them when Hasbro advised retailers to break street date with the inventory on hand. I had to wait.

Over the past couple of days, I was able to go on a couple toy hunts and pick up a decent selection of figures. No pictures right now - I just want to get down my raw thoughts on these figures. I'll just list them and share some thoughts. Hang on!
  • Zartan - weird figure, very much a Renegades vibe with the costume design. I recently watched the Renegades episode where he got his suit and, yeah, that's him. At least partially. Maybe there are some other added design elements beyond Renegades. It's hard to say if he looks like anything we'll see in RET.
  • Red Ninja - very nice reuse of the Renegades Stormshadow mold. Excellent colors, not so much on the gear. I want a couple more.
  • Roadblock - Yeah, he's the Rock! I get the hand-grip thingy, I really do. I know it has something to do with his weapons in RET, I understand. But I don't like it. The big goofy spring loaded weapon, yeah, I hope kids enjoy it. Not me. Limited articulation on the legs, not that big of a deal to me. Remember O-ring figs, anyone? Don't bitch about it. But this is still a damn good figure. He just needs a little bit of fixing.
  • Cobra Commander - The helmet detail is incredible! I really like this figure. Basic articulation, but still well done.
  • Duke - Busted from Captain to 1st LT. Kind of a lame figure, decent body sculpt, probably custom work ahead. Looks like a decent green shirt type body.
Passed - 

  • Single carded Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow - wise choice, better in the ninja 3-pack.
  • Cobra Trooper - Saw one, didn't care, still don't care, don't know if I ever will care. Compared to 30th Cobra troopers and Vipers? Really?
  • GI Joe Trooper - Didn't see any, dammit. Want several!

So that's it for the single carded figures that I found. More thoughts later, probably next week. With pictures!

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