Friday, July 20, 2018

JoeCon 2018: Slaughter's Renegades

There was another three pack at JoeCon 2018 that I could not pass up. Slaughter's Renegades! Great choice of characters by the Club! These appear to be almost the same builds as the Slaughter's Marauders BBTS set from several years ago. Minor changes.
Mercer... one of my favorite characters from the entire GI Joe figure line. I've always really liked his back story. So much interesting story potential. I believe there's an improvement on the lower arms on this version of Mercer. He's got the improved hands. Not real crazy about the black hair over the original brown, but not a huge deal.
Red Dog looks to be the same build as his previous modern version. The Marauder color scheme works out just fine with his build.
I think this might be a substantial new build for Taurus. Maybe, maybe not. I know he's got a new vest, which is much better that his original gear. Definitely an improvement for Taurus.

That's pretty much it for me in regards to the Club offerings at JoeCon. There was an exclusive Cobra Snake Armor done in the Python colors that I'm sure I could have flipped, but I never really liked the Snake armor that much in the first place.

Oh wait... the factory glued them together... whoops! And no corrections coming from the Club... whoops! Maybe I'm glad I passed on the armor anyway!

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