Saturday, July 21, 2018

JoeCon 2018: The Complex

Have you ever heard of Raginspoon? I'm not sure who Raginspoon is or how many people make up Raginspoon, but I do know that they are making an amazing new product. I had only previously known of Raginspoon through their custom head sculpts for 1/18th figures. They've also done some different types of gear for 1/18th figures.

But the Complex is brand new pure wonderfulness! Raginspoon has created modular kits that can be combined to create a larger environment. Each of the wall or door panels are reversible and work easily together. These first two pictures are from their JoeCon setup. 

I bought seven sets... three door panels and four wall/floor sections.

These wall pieces are similar to what I've done with my 3D designs and printing, but on a much larger scale. 
Everything works together. There are so many different ways that the sets can be arranged.
Is this an interior door or exterior? Who cares? It's up to you!

It's a shame that GI Joe isn't active in the retail environment right now, because these work so well with 1/18th figures.
I've actually dreamed of something kinda' similar to this concept. My dreams involved a GI Joe figure being packed with components that could be combined with other components to make a larger environment. Sort of like this stuff. Not really, but maybe just a little. 

Sadly, whenever I have dreams involving new or weird GI Joe products in whatever weird dream store that I'm in, I can never make it to a cash register...

Definitely more pictures to come with my use of the Complex sets. 
Oh yeah, I'm going to need more sets...

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