Friday, July 20, 2018

JoeCon 2018: Python Patrol

Next up is a look at the Cobra Forces from the Slaughter's Marauders JoeCon set. 
First up is the Python Para-Trooper. 
"No Children Were Harmed in the Acquisition of this Figure!" I purchased mine at the Club Store and didn't trample any kids to get mine.
The Club produced a three-pack of the the 25th Para-Viper in Python colors, but the price was enough to turn me off of it. I probably could have easily flipped them, but I didn't want the hassle. This is a decent build for the figure. Primarily parts from the 25th Para-Viper, but looks a bit more functional to me.

The Club also produced a three pack of the SAW Vipers in Python colors. They looked decent, but the big stupid guns and the high price tag allowed me to pass on them. 

On to the figures from the boxed set.
The Lampreys turned out nicely. The Python colors really look nice with the figure design. Fins? Why not? They look like that they could work as divers as well as drivers.
Next up are the Python HEAT Vipers. I really like the colors of these guys. The Python camo patterns and the gold colors really make these guys pop. I'm not real crazy about the modern update of the HEAT Viper. Decent, but they just didn't interest me enough to buy all of those extra Blowtorch figures. Still, this is a nice little set of the HEAT Vipers.
For the last of the trooper figures, we have the Laser Vipers. This is the same build as the Laser Vipers from the BF2000 set from last year. The prime difference is the inclusion of the more accurate backpacks, similar to the original design. The Club also had a three pack of these backpacks in silver for the Laser Vipers from last year. There's a missing paint app on these figures. The pupils were missed in painting. Plus one more error described below.

There was also a two-pack(?) of Python Rock Vipers. I'm not sure which other figures were two or three packs. Doesn't matter much to me, I didn't buy any of them. Never liked any version of the Rock Viper.
Well, this is certainly a crappy picture of Major Bludd. I'll have to go back and upload a new picture. Mixed feelings about Bludd. I really like the character and I think that the Club did a decent job with the build, based on what Hasbro has available for them to use. That's the problem. Hasbro did a 25th version, with a couple variations, and abandoned the character. He should have gotten a PoC/30th update. The Club, trying to call back to that original figure, went with the crappy robot/armored arm from that 25th figure. 

Nearly everything else works with this version of Bludd. The web gear looks great. The rest of the body is made up of newer parts, and there's even a new head sculpt. (crappy picture aside...)

And here's the other paint error. The factory forgot to paint his mustache. Bludd has to have his mustache! The Club is in the process of making things right. They will be getting new Bludd and Laser Viper heads to all of the attendees who have these sets sometime in the near future.

Sucks a bit for those resellers who tried to sell off their sets at the show. 
Aww... too bad...

I kinda' like the Cobra forces a little better than the Joe team from the boxed set. I've always liked the Python Patrol theme anyway. Very slick paint design!

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