Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Quick G.I. Joe: Resolute Review

The G.I. Joe:Resolute sets are here! This will be a pretty quick review, based on first impressions of the figures as I opened the sets.

The first set to look at is the G.I. Joe set. From left to right - Snake Eyes, Beach Head, Duke, Flint, Scarlett, Roadblock and Stalker.

First impressions -

  • Snake Eyes - just a straight repaint of the City Strike Snake Eyes figure released as a part of the movie line. Excellent figure, both have elements of superior painting, but parts can't really be mixed due to differences in the base gray color of the body.

  • Beach Head - His first (official) appearance in the Resolute line. Very well done. Great head sculpt. Great re-use of many of the Resolute Duke parts. one of the gems in this set.

  • Duke (cold weather gear) - A nice angry Duke. He's pissed, that's for sure. A good reuse of assorted parts. I've got one issue with this particular figure, the left shoulder joint seems to be stuck. I need to be careful in freeing the motion.

  • Flint - Another gem! Flint's first appearance in Resolute. Very well done. Great head sculpt, great reuse of parts.

  • Scarlett - A hit and a miss at the same time. The body is well sculpted. I think the body comes from the originally planned City Strike Scarlett (maybe?) and is very well done. The head sculpt is actually well done. But, the head is HUGE! Way, way out of proportion! Massive head with the slender body just doesn't work. A head swap is in her future.

  • Roadblock - a repaint of the Roadblock that came with the Walmart Exclusive Outpost Defender set from last Christmas. The Resolute version has a much darker skin tone. He is also using the web gear from the Night Adder figure. Works very well for the the Joe team's heavy machine gunner.

  • Stalker - First entry into Resolute. Well done, excellent use of parts. Great head sculpt, captured his dread locks from the animation. He uses a Snake Eyes torso and Resolute Duke's legs for a lean, wiry look.
Good stuff overall. I will be doing another post later with some closer detailed pictures of each figure. Stay tuned.

The GI Joe: Resolute animation was so cool (yeah, there were weak points in the storyline) that I had to make some of my own custom versions. the following picture are some of my customs and some of the official Resolute figures.

From left to right -

  • City Strike Snake Eyes - officially from the Rise of Cobra line, but based on the Resolute character.

  • Beach Head - a mix of the alternate Beach Head unmasked head, the 1st 25th version vest and a resolute Duke body. Worked for me!

  • Resolute Duke - the only official GI Joe: Resolute figure. A great base for additional customs.

  • Flint - Flint's head from the Flint in disguise figure, his original web gear and a Sgt Stone body. Not bad, pretty cool!

  • Scarlett - Helix' body with Pilot Scarlett's head. Works well together!

  • Roadblock - From the above mentioned Walmart set. Excellent figure!

  • Stalker - a standard Stalker head on the 1st 25th Annv Beach Head body with a Pit Trooper vest. A pretty decent custom.

Most of these guys are now officially "retired."

Now on to a quick look at the Cobra set and some quick first impressions.

  • Zartan - Not enough adjectives to describe this figure. The absolute best figure of this set. Amazing, incredible, excellent, whatever. Just really well done!

  • Alley Viper - Pretty decent figure. Great use of parts. Interesting shoulder pads, glued on and flexible allows the shoulder joint to be hidden. Nasty, mean head sculpt!

  • Destro - Very nice! Tall, regal, very fitting for Destro. Nicely sculpted long coat. I don't care for the robot arm that is included, it has limited articulation and just doesn't work with the character.

  • Baroness - Suffering from the Scarlett big-head syndrome. Excellent overall sculpting, but the head is just too dang big.

  • Cobra Commander - Straight re-release of the single card Resolute CC. Still a great figure. He's going to become parts for another custom.

  • Storm Shadow - Mixed feelings on him. I like the character, but I'm just tired of him. The hood is too big over the head. The vest can come off to reveal a bare chest. I like the head sculpt, but I'm just not overly impressed with him.

  • Firefly - I think the TRU exclusive Firefly from the ROC line was actually a little better and I used him as a custom. The head sculpt is good. I'm just not too excited by this guy. Looking forward to the POC Firefly coming out soon.

So that's about it for a quick review. More detailed reviews of the figures, especially the Joes, coming in the next few days. Stay tuned!

For the best reviews of anything G.I. Joe, go to GeneralsJoes. Justin Bell does the best work and has some brilliant photography.

Hey, what do you think? Leave me a comment!

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