Saturday, July 31, 2010

GI Joe: Resolute - Duke & Snake Eyes

I'm just not overly impressed with these new versions. They are still both very cool figures, but nothing tremendously exciting.

Duke with the cold weather gear on the left is the new Resolute version of Duke. This is the gear that he wore while he and Scarlett attacked the Cobra overrun Siberian base. A decent portrayal of the character, but just not impressed with just the one arctic geared figure.

On the right, is the original Resolute Duke figure from the original single card. Awesome figure, decent head sculpt, a great improvement on the overalll character design of Duke.

So here's the head swap, arctic Duke on the standard uniform Duke body. I like it. Angry ass-kicking Duke - works for me!
Resloute Snake Eyes on the left and City Strike Snake Eyes on the right. Same exact figure, just different paint apps. Mixing parts might be interesting, given the differences in the base gray color of both figures. I like the shorter sword and scabbard for the new version. The green goggles are pretty cool, too.
On to Cobras next week.

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