Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GI Joe: Resolute - Beach Head

Too many GI Joe fans are too rigid in their thinking of these characters. When the two-pack with Beach Head and Main(Data)frame was released with an unmasked head for BH, some folks were pissed! "Oh no! Beach Head wouldn't have a mustache like that!" or "I never would have thought Beach Head would look like that!" Suck it up, it's just a toy!

I personally liked the unmasked head, looked kind of redneck-ish to me. BH is from Alabama, so... Besides, wouldn't his damn balaclava need to washed once in a while and do these "people" have to wear the same gear on every single mission? C'mon!

With a limited role in Resolute, it was still pretty cool to get this new version of Beach Head. It takes the basic concept of his original uniform, he gets a Resolute make-over.

The result is pretty slick. I really like this figure. BH is one of the gems of the Joe Resolute set.

Here's the Resolute version next to my custom version using the unmasked head with an extra resolute Duke body. The "official" version is a great re-use of parts and has an extra bit of coolness with the knife and scabbard on the web gear. the knife is removable! The collar under the head can be removed; still looks just fine the way it is.

The unmasked head works just great on this new version as well - even better in my opinion. Sometimes it's hot out there in the field and a man just might need to feel a cool breeze across his face.

Thoughts? Comments? Insults? Leave me a comment!

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