Thursday, July 29, 2010

GI Joe: Resolute Scarlett (poor girl...)

So much potential with this figure. Great sculpting on the body, just a really good update on the style of the classic figure. But that head, such a massive melon! It doesn't look too bad alone, but when compared to others - no way!

The head sculpt is actually quite good. Nicely sculpted, with just a little attitude. But it is just too dang big! IT"S HUGE! Time for a change.

Resolute Scarlett compared to my custom Scarlett, using Helix' body and Pilot Scarlett's head. The neck is too long when I tried the head swap. Nope!

Reso Scarlett and Original Scarlett. Again, neck too long. Nope.

Reso Scarlett and movie Desert Ambush Scarlett. Hmm...

Reso Scarlett and other movie Scarlett. Neck too long. Nope.

And the winner is... Movie Desert Ambush Scarlett! The head and height of neck worked out great. There's a little bit of a gap that allows for better movement with the long hair. So this is the new look for my Resolute Scarlett - no more massive cranium!

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