Thursday, July 29, 2010

GI Joe Resolute: Flint, Stalker & Roadblock

A quick look at three of the new Resolute figures.

Flint - Resolute on the left, custom on the right. I liked my custom version, looked pretty good and filled the needed gap in my resolute line-up nicely. This new version is very cool. A great reuse of parts, nice head sculpt and well done web gear. Plus a clip of shotgun shells on his left wrist - nice touch!

Stalker - Resolute on left, custom on right. Again, I think I did a pretty decent job with the custom, but the new version really rocks. Looks like Snake Eyes' torso and Duke's legs. It's a good mix. The new head sculpt is great, captures the dreadlocks from the animation. Another win for Hasbro! Removable knife on the harness also - bonus points!

Roadblock - Resolute on left, Walmart exclusive on the left. Both are fantastic! Best new style figure version of Roadblock. Big, tall, bulky - just captured the character. There's a difference in gear, Reso RB has the gear that first came out with the Night Adder figure (probably originally intended for RB) and the WM version has Heavy Duty's vest - both work. The Reso version has a darker skin tone, would have been better if Hasbro had used the same skin tone. Minor complaint - still a good job by Hasbro.

Duke, Snake Eyes and the Cobras next week.

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