Friday, September 19, 2008

Stirring up some stuff...

I've been stirring up some opinions over on in regards to some of the pictures that I posted on the site. Interesting discussions from the gang on Joedios, all intelligent and well thought out. The best part of it is that nothing has turned personal which says a lot about the great collectors at Joedios. You can see all my pictures on Joedios here.

The primary comments about this picture had to do with the customization of Flint - adding gloves - and the look on his face in regards to the battle. No one commented on the guy in the back, laying face down with a particularly nasty head shot.

Again, not many comments about the nature of the scene, more about the paint job on Scarlett and Bazooka's rifle (it came from the 70's Star Wars collection!). Still a brutal shot. Somebody pumped some armor piercing rounds through Major Bludd's body armor!

This is the most controversial picture of my recent uploads. Would General Hawk execute Cobra Commander in such a brutal fashion? It depends on how you view these characters.

The cartoon/Marvel comic book CC (Cobra Commander) surely wouldn't deserve this. He should have been taken into custody and put on trial. That's been tried before and he always gets out and causes more death and destruction.

In the Devil's Due comics, CC was indirectly responsible for the death of millions when Boston was nuked. Plus countless other lives lost in the resulting conflict. A trial would be great, but if there's a chance of him getting out and starting things over again...

Most GI Joe collectors have their own "Joe-verse" stored in their heads. They have taken bits and pieces of the comics, cartoons, and good old-fashioned imagination and made their own GI Joe universe. Mine has bits of the old cartoon series, and Marvel and DD series combined with my own junk.

The bottom line is that these guys are soldiers and the essential job of a soldier is to kill people and break things. Cobra forces simply want to kill people and break things. My CC doesn't want to rule the world (imagine the paperwork!), he just wants to cause pain and suffering to those that he percieves had wronged him. The Joe team is the response and they must act accordingly - when in combat against a ruthless enemy, it is kill or be killed.

At this point, in regards to the pictures, GI Joe has been given Presidential Authority to end the threat of Cobra forever. No more mercy, no more sham trials - end it forever. This encounter is an assault on a meeting of the core of Cobra Command as it is losing its grip on its worldwide resources. This is a chance to get them all in one swift attack.

Mad dogs are put down for the good of society. Cobra Commander is a mad dog. All Hawk had to do is visualize all the faces of all the soldiers that he has lost to this madman. Pulling the trigger wouldn't seem so hard.

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