Friday, September 12, 2008

A Closer Look - Part 2

Here's part 2 of my look at some of my custom 12" G. I. Joe figures. Some of these guys were specific store exclusives and not very easy to find.

So here's this bunch of troops, going from left to right and top to bottom.
  1. Switch Gears - I thought that Switch Gears was a KB Toys exclusive, but am unsure. The head sculpt originally came on those molded bodies that were just unappealing to most collectors. Great head sculpt, though! He's been remounted on a super articulated body.
  2. Tunnel Rat - Great character brought to life in the 12" format. I'm still struggling to find the right look for him. The green shirt works, but it's a HOF shirt and the sleeves are a little short.
  3. Wet Suit - Great head sculpt that came on a crappy body style. Hasbro used a variation of the HOF body that was just... yeeuch! Head transplanted to a modern muscle type body.
  4. Dart - A Wal-Mart exclusive that I nearly missed. Weird original accessories, but he's looking a little better with different gear. Definitely the longest molded hair of any G.I. Joe figure!
  5. Bazooka - Originally planned as a K-BToys exclusive in 2003, the figure was delayed and finally released to Dollar General stores in 2005. Not much extra work on him, just a few minor added details.
  6. Chuckles - This is actually the head sculpt from Hi-Tech. I didn't really care for the character, happen to find a 1/6th Hawaiian shirt and he became Chuckles. I like how his scowl is totally contrary to his code name.
  7. Crosshair - Another 2003 release that came on the molded jersey type body. I've actually kept the body the same, because the molded jersey looks good under the cloth shirt.
  8. Wild Bill - An excellent figure that I thought was going to be an online exclusive only. Spent a little too much for him, especially after seeing him everywhere a few months later at discount toy stores! Nothing much to change to him, his original look just works!
You can see more of my figures on my website. Another look at more of my customs coming soon.

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