Friday, September 12, 2008

Location shots

Location, Location, Location...

Too often, when I'm taking pictures of my troops, they're just static shots. Posed portraits, troops just standing around. Soldiers need to be in action, in their element, ready for combat!

I took this picture many years ago in a field in Dublin, GA. My wife's sister and husband have a farm that is absolutely beautiful. The farm is quite different now. This wild field is now a pasture with cows wandering about. There are different varieties of "land mines" in the field now that are definitely hazardous!

The three guys in this picture are actually troops using the Action Man/SLU type bulky body. Cool figures, but I appreciate the Hasbro modern Super-Articulated body much more!
This picture was taken in my yard, pre-chain-link fence and regular mowing. Cool assortment of weird weeds makes for some decent foliage. This is a 30th Anniversary Joe head on an SLU body. He's still "posed" but at least he's just not standing on a piece of furniture!
The beach makes for an interesting location as well. Just need to do some cropping to clean it up! This is a much more recent picture. This brave Joe is a 40th Anniversary head mounted on an SA body wearing a Playmates Star Trek uniform. I've got enough other guys, this one has permanent Star Trek duty.
Sometimes locations can surprise you. My wife just kind of rolled her eyes when I pulled this guy out of my camera bag.

Some locations just pop up suddenly, rarely ever seen in your area. Several years ago, we got some great snowfall here on the southside of Atlanta. Had to jump at the opportunity to get some troops in the snow. Yes, I'm a fan of both the big and little Joes!

Then again, if you can't find a good location, make one!

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