Wednesday, August 27, 2014

50th Anniversary Beach Head

I was recently able to complete a trade for one of the few remaining 50th Anniversary figures of interest to me. Hasbro did a decent job on Beach Head. Nothing really new or exciting, he's just the body used originally with Snake Eyes, now with the new Beach Head head sculpt and his original vintage colors. Just a real simple formula of reused parts, so there's really no "wow" factor about him. He's cool enough and I'm pleased to add him to my collection. Beach Head has been a pretty popular figure in the past few years. Beginning with the 25th Anniversary figures, BH has had his time in the spotlight. Resolute, Pursuit of Cobra, and Retaliation have all featured unique versions of Beach Head. Here's a few of my custom Beach Heads.
The Retaliation version of Beach head was rather lackluster. Hasbro used the same basic formula, but just with muted colors. I had never seen this web gear before, so it's pretty new to me. 

I really don't like starting a post on the Blogger app on my phone and then trying to edit it on my laptop. Ugh!

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Bro Midnight said...

He doesn't have the wow factor be he is a very solid figure that really grew on my the more I messed around with him.I just found your blog so it looks like I have a lot of back reading to do!