Monday, August 11, 2014

50th Anniversary Destro

Now this is a bad-ass figure!

This is perhaps one of the best Destro figures of the entire modern line. The original Destro was awesome just because of the uniqueness of the figure, but I'm only considering the modern versions right now.

Destro has always been implied as being a tall character, but only know does he get the height that is needed to be a truly intimidating character. 
One of my issues, especially with the modern figures starting with the 25th figures, has been Destro's head/helmet. For the most part, the head sculpt has always seemed like there was no helmet, unless it was nearly skintight and flexible with facial movements. This new head sculpt gives some bulk to his head and you can imagine that it is a bulky mask/helmet over his head. The sculpt also highlights the sharp edges that were common in many early Destro head sculpts. Plus, he is still rocking his big red family jewel!

I've seen other reviews and pictures on the web about some really bad paint jobs with these modern figures. With buying this set from BBTS, I had to take a chance that I would get a decent figure. I got lucky. My Destro is in great shape. all of the paint edges look really crisp and there doesn't seem to be much paint spill-over in different areas. At least, I can't see any with my blurry old dude near vision.
Does he only come with just this rifle case? I think so, I don't remember. Either way, this is an exceptional accessory. The rifle breaks down into the case and...
...assembles into a decent sniper rifle. My role for Destro is not one of someone who would be a sniper, but one who would sell something like this. Besides, a seven foot tall dude with a steel helmet is a bit hard to be sneaky.
My only complaint about this figure is the knees. They are really pretty weak and wobbly. They bend well enough, but they're just a little weak. Destro skipped "leg day" a little too often. I'm not really thrilled with these new ankles that Hasbro has been doing on some of their figures, but I guess that isn't really an issue since GI Joe seems to be dead to Hasbro right now.
Destro and his babe, the Baroness. This is the same version that will be released in the two-pack with Lady Jaye a little later in the year. Wow, a several year old figure gets released as a 50th Anniversary figure. Woo-hoo!
Destro and the most recent Cobra Commander. This new CC is a pretty tall figure. Is there some size-creep going on with the line? Who knows since Hasbro doesn't give a crap right now. But they look good together!
My previous "default" Destro next to the new upgrade. The Resolute Destro was, and still is, an excellent figure. He does have a little bit of height when compared to many other figures of the Resolute era. He's suffering from the skin-tight metal mask syndrome. Now it's either time for Reso Destro to retire or it's reuse time for the body. I'm thinking a new character - I just need to find the right head for it!
Just a bad-ass!

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Dr Syn said...

Yep, don't need another classic Destro after this one.

I like to have the gun case in one hand and his PoC Money case in the other, presents for the Baroness.