Sunday, August 10, 2014

GI Joe: 50th Anniversary Review

Just a couple weeks ago, I finally got my first and probably only GI Joe 50th Anniversary item - Leatherneck, Destro, and General Hawk. Rather than worrying about going to Toys R Us, I just decided to order from Big Bad Toy Store. Is there much else that I want? Not really, I'm just not impressed.
Okay, yeah the figures are out of the package, but by this time, you've probably seen plenty of pictures of the full packages. The only reason that I'm posting this picture is that Hasbro did a decent job on the graphic impact of the package. It looks pretty nice. Crisp, bright colors. Bold graphics. 
I really like these etched in elements. The Sky Hawk and a couple HISS tanks add to the decor.
Mr. GI Joe himself - Snake Eyes. Sigh... Whatever sells product, I suppose.
The file cards are back. Whoopee!! So what, lackluster copies of the original cards. No big deal.
The implication here is that GI Joe has been fighting Cobra for the past 50 years. Not quite, Hasbro. did you forget something, Hasbro? I imagine that going back and revisiting the original GI Joe wasn't in the plans, but at least a little better acknowledgement would have been nice.
So Destro is a "troublemaker"? Really? Another "sigh..."

Of this set of figures, I'm only going to review Destro and Leatherneck, mainly because they are both new figures. Hawk has been released before and is still a damn fine figure. I already had three of that figure, so this one will wind up as a custom of some sort. 

Stay tuned for my reviews of Destro and Leatherneck. Yes, I'm on top of quick reviews as usual!

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James said...

I miss the 80s package compares to this, the old stuff really helped sell the figure and made it pop. This package is about as basic as you can get Hasbro dropped the ball big time on this newer stuff.