Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ultimate Storm Shadow

Has anybody else out there thought that this blog died? Besides me? Just been busy as crap lately. Enough whining, let's get to a new review. 
I'm actually quite sick and tired of Storm Shadow. Don't get me wrong, I'm kinda tired of Snake Eyes as well. They are both so over exposed. But they are prime characters in the GI Joe mythos, so they are tough to avoid. 
I never really cared about picking up Ultimate Storm Shadow until an odd unique opportunity arose. I had recently picked up a Night Viper from 5 Below and posted the find on a Facebook page. I got a message from someone wondering if I would trade for Stormy. 
What the hell, why not? Looked like a decent enough figure and I really didn't need the Night Viper. 
I've got to say that I'm pleased with this figure. Not bad, very good actually. Very much a traditional Storm Shadow based on the original o-ring figure. 
He's loaded with weapons, probably the same as the Renegades version.
I'm guessing that there really isn't much new about this figure. The head sculpt is probably from some other figure. I don't know, but it works, so who cares? There's also an unmasked Stormy head from Retaliation which works just fine. 
I like this head sculpt but have always preferred Stormy to be masked so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this head. 
Oh yeah, one more thing...
What the hell is this supposed to be? Some sort of non-backpack flying thing that spins him around like a crazy ninja. WTH? Whatever. I really don't care. Maybe I'll find a use for it as background crap. Or it will get tossed. It's kinda stupid. 
In general, I'm pleased with this version of Storm Shadow. If I had never got him, I would be just fine, but he's a welcome addition to my collection. 
I'm content with using either this guy or Renegades Stormy as my default version. You know, when it's cold, he needs to roll those sleeves down. 

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Dr Syn said...

I'm rather enamored with any use of the 30th/Retaliation Ninja parts.

I think it's just the Thighs and belt. Everything else is brand new (minus the RoC head).

I need to get a fee more for custom purposes, those arms are extremely good and the hands on mine grip the weapons way better.