Sunday, November 9, 2014

Power Team Elite Command Post

I have wanted this set for years! Every time I'd go by Big Lots at the beginning of the Christmas season, I would be just a little too late. I was always missing this set. I picked up the Battlefield set several years ago and always wanted to add this to my collection.

This isn't a new item; these have been coming out for years. I don't know when they first arrived in stores. It's kind of a drag that they are only available at Big Lots around Christmas, but I suppose that makes them a little more special. 

Besides, where else can you find accessories of this quality for your action figure collection? 

The set comes with the big building and loads of accessories. I think there's around six of the PTE figures included as well. They've gone off to their storage container. 

There's barricades, crates, ammo boxes, barrels, and all sorts of cool bits and pieces.

I picked up the Military Buggy just a day or so ago. I've had the Command Post for a few weeks, but have been just too busy to really mess around with it.

Duke gets ready to head off on a quick recon mission. Roadblock offers a few words of advice.
These are my custom GI Joe troopers. I like the Retaliation GI Joe troopers and the "HALO" helmets are cool, but they just seem a little bit too small for a real human head to fit into. A couple extra Tripwire figures and some vest swaps and I've got a couple new troopers.

The inside of the Command Post is rather non-descript, but still very cool. Loads of potential, especially for the more talented customizer.
The table and chairs, map board, and the small black laptop are also parts of this set. The locker in the background didn't come with this set; it comes with a smaller set that includes a set of bunk bed cots. Very cool!

Along the top of the building, there's a great area for gear storage and troops to stand and keep watch.

There aren't any sidewalls in the building, but that's just fine. There has to be access points for kids to reach their hands into (even my big hands!).

Even when GI Joe still had a retail presence in the past few years, the Power Team Elite collection has always been a welcome complement to most collector's collections. The various vehicles and odd bits of gear just work great with GI Joe figures. Sure, the PTE figures are pretty low quality, but that's okay too. 

This has been a "grail" piece for me for the past few years. If I had the extra $$$, I would load up on so much more. The main battle tank looks great. There's an awesome F-18 (or is it an F-16) that is really tempting. PTE also makes or made an A-10 - I WANT THAT!! Plus, there's trucks and watch towers and boats and armored personnel carriers and more and more and more.

I highly recommend Power Team Elite stuff!


Nas Helewa said...

Nice! I JUST got one of the F-18s, and I look forward to cracking it open and playing around. I really want this set as well - The Big Lots I went to didn't have it, but there are a couple more in my town I can scour. I like your set up!

James said...

Im lucky to own 2 of these bad boys and they are perfect for joes. I added some windows to one of em. They make a great lair for firefly to do some merc dealings.