Saturday, August 26, 2017

SDCC Revolutions!

This guy... This guy right here... He's the prime reason that I became interested in the San Diego Comic Con Hasbro/IDW exclusive set. Once it was revealed that Roadblock, using the head sculpt from Renegades, would be a part of the set, I knew that I had to pursue it.
Usually, a couple weeks after the SDCC, will sell excess stock on the site. That's how I snagged the two Jinx figures from a few years ago. Last year's SDCC exclusive (or was it the year before) set wound up at Ollie's Discount Store. SNAGGED IT!
Dare I wait for a possibility of this set showing up at Ollie's? Heck no! I monitored the site during the day, but my son was able to actually snag the set for me. Hot damn! Got it!
There are quite a few cool figures in this set. Stay tuned, I'm going to be looking at all of them, just a few at a time.

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Tony said...

I've got the first three issues of the comic series.It's not horrible.I would love to own this set,though,mostly for the ROM and Visionary figures.