Wednesday, August 30, 2017

SDCC Revolutions: Matt Trakker, Leoric, Micronauts

Let's get these SDCC Revolution reviews underway. For this post, I will be looking at Matt Trakker, Leoric, and the Micronauts.

I'm generally indifferent towards MASK and the Visionaries. I never bought any MASK sets when they first appeared way back whenever. I liked the 3 3/4" scale over the MASK figures. The Visionaries were a little larger than GI Joe and weren't of much interest to me. I think I bought one figure.

The Micronauts toy line and comic actually predate GI Joe by at least three years. When I first read the Micronauts comic, back in 1979, I was immediately enthralled. The stories by Bill Mantlo combined with the art of Michael Golden were just phenomenal. Just amazing stuff, but to me, the toy line didn't live up to the comic. I had a few of the Micronauts toys, but I never really went GI Joe nuts over them.

So let's take a quick look at these new versions based on the Revolutions story lines. A quick disclaimer: I haven't read much of any comic book in the past several years. I think I may have read the first couple years of GI Joe by IDW, but I've been done with comics for quite some time. So basically, I have no idea what the whole Revolutions concept is about. 
First up is Matt Trakker from MASK. The character first appeared in the GI Joe line in 2008 as a cool nod to the MASK line. 
Oh look, he's now black! Yeah? Who cares?
This new Matt is equipped with same basic gear as the original 2008 version, same helmet and chest gear. He's got a new body but I'm not really sure of the origin of the build. Works great wherever it came from. Damn fine head sculpt as well.
So how do I add this guy into my weird world? My thoughts, currently, is that he's a highly skilled engineer and has developed an integrated suit that works with a modified XP-14. My idea is that the suit interfaces with the controls of the jet, giving a much faster response time based his mental connection.

I've sort of got an idea that he destroyed the first experimental SkyStriker because he exceeded the limitations of the air frame of the plane. It basically started to tear itself apart due to the stresses that he put it through. The new SkyStriker, that version from last year's SDCC set, is a much more structurally sound aircraft. Yeah, sounds silly, so what.
So what about Leoric, the leader of the Visionaries? Wow, so much baby blue. Ugh. I just can't figure out how to integrate this guy. I've read suggestions about him begin kind of Asgardian, in that his technology is so advanced, it looks like magic to us. Maybe...
The head sculpt is great, looks like the animation models for Hector Rivera from the GI Joe cartoons. Maybe I'll figure out a different use for the head. Leoric is unfortunately at the bottom of the list in terms of ranking the figures. The Micronauts? Well, they're in a different category.
I like them and I don't like them Yeah, I get the idea that they are tiny characters, but the execution is just a bit lacking. Paint apps for figures of this scale can often tend to be clumpy and lacking in detail. Really unfortunate. Due to the lack of articulation, these guys are designed well enough, but just a bit of a pass. Oh, I would prefer an awesome Acroyear figure in the same size as the 4" figures.
Baron Karza is such an awesome character, the Microverse version of Thanos or Darkseid. So cool, but so disappointing at this scale.
Acroyear is actually well designed, but only after considering the scale in which he was made. I wish he was bigger. Oh well.

Stay tuned for more quick looks at the rest of SDCC Revolutions!

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Tony said...

I'm digging that Visionaries dude.As far as the book goes,I've read the first three issues and so far,from what I can tell,there are a bunch of doppelgangers running amok. Shape shifting aliens from another dimension?Maybe.Certain G.I. Joe members are loose cannons and very out of character in the first few pages.Although I haven't read far enough to know If they are Joe doppelgangers,I have a feeling they are.That's all I got.