Thursday, August 31, 2017

SDCC Revolutions: Jetfire

I remember having the original Jetfire Transformer figure and just loving it. I liked it more as what the original Transformer was - a Macross Veritech. Hell, I remember when I bought him at the same KMart where I bought my first GI Joe figures. There was a huge display of them, dozens and dozens of them. And I only bought one. Crap.

Unfortunately, I sold him off several years ago to help us get past some rough financial times. Sad, but necessary at the time. 
I'm not a huge Transform fan, I've liked some of the comic stories much more than the toys. There has been an amazing change in the design and engineering of the toys for quite a few years. When the vehicles transform, you actually have an action figure. Usually a well made one!
The look of Jetfire in his fighter jet mode looks enough like the original version so that I really like this figure. Plus he still reminds me of one of the later advanced Veritech fighters from later Macross series.
That's pretty much where the connection with Macross ends. But how does he stack up against the rest of the SDCC set? He's definitely got them beat on the height difference. I think that he works well enough that I'm quite pleased with using him right alongside the regular figures.

Well, what about his jet mode? Maybe his alternate mode just mimics the form of a jet fighter and doesn't have to be in "scale". Works for me.
I think that Jetfire makes for a great part of the team!
The Micronauts look pretty cool hanging out with him. I'm guessing that they are much closer in scale to each other over the 4" figures.
Jetfire is a definite keeper!

Looks like there's just one more SDCC Revolutions review to do!


Tony said...

So cool!BTW-What is that background ,Is It from a playset ?

Thomas Brooks said...

It's the gantry from the Defiant Complex. The only part that I have left. ��