Wednesday, April 27, 2016

FSS 4.0: Bullhorn

One of the best of FSS 4.0 so far! Some might say that the Club went the lazy route, but I'm not going to complain. The Shock Trooper body is just a great base to make just about any military figure. Somewhere, someone has a list of all of the different figures that have used this body.

Plus the Club went with that Dusty head sculpt that has been used multiple times by both Hasbro and the Club. But it works here. Minor skin tone changes, different hair color, and maybe some face camo and you've got new figure.
Bullhorn comes with a decent amount of gear. He's got that sniper rifle (blurry in the foreground), a gas mask, the tan thing, and Lowlight's sniper rifle. I really don't like that sniper rifle in the foreground. It is a bit too big and bulky and is difficult for figures to hold. No worries, I've got plenty of other weapons.

I've seen comments about that tan thing. Is it a hi-tech bullhorn? Or is it a parabolic mic, able to pick up a variety of sound sources. Fred from JoeBattlelines first brought that to my attention. I haven't read his justification for the idea yet, but it still has merit to me.
Hey, Bullhorn, the 90's called! They want their headband back!
Much better. The headband can just go away.
See what I mean about this head sculpt? Everybody is using this look! Who else did I miss? I know I missed the latest blue Dusty, but who else is there?
Another quick thought - unrelated to figure design and more of a Hasbro issue that a Club issue. I really hate the stand holes in the heels of the figures. I know some of the Retaliation figures had these due to the new rocker ankles, but more and more figures are getting the holes in the heels.
I just don't really like the way the figures stand with the heel holes. They are too forward on the stand. Ideally, a mid foot hole on the right foot and a heel hole on the left would be great for a figure. 
 "He's a maniac! Maniac... on the floor! 
And he's dancing like he's never danced before."
 No... Must stop...
"Boom, boom, out go the lights!"
There's not much else to say about this figure right now. The Club did a great job with Bullhorn. A simple effective creation. Oh yeah, that web gear rocks. Originally seen on the first wave Retaliation Cobra Trooper, it proves that Hasbro can create decent items and screw it up with bad colors. I'd like to have more of these sets of web gear.
I'll wrap up with a quick look at the sniper rifle in the case. Still an awesome piece. Bullhorn is going to need a backpack to carry the bipod and the silencer.

My spin on Bullhorn is that, yes, he's a negotiator, but if push comes to shove...
Bullhorn will get the job done.

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Dr Syn said...

Such a cool figure, good use of parts and you're totally right about that Webgear. It's absolutely one that needs to be used in other colours (so long as the figure doesn't have a holster already, Renegades Law I'm looking at you).

Can't wait get mine.