Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cobra Hired Mercenaries

Sometimes Cobra needs to open up the checkbook and pay for some professionals. Once in a while, other toy lines pop up with some pretty decent figures that would work well with the GI Joe/Cobra conflict.
These three came to my attention over the past year or so and I decided to add them into my collection.
From the DC line. He certainly looks cool, but his articulation is crap. The arm articulation is the biggest factor. Deathstroke can't hold a weapon in anything close to a proper two-handed grip. I see this figure as an analogy to the Batman V Superman movie (which I haven't seen yet). Looks impressive from the outside, but once you're into it, you'll find yourself faced with disappointment.
An excellent figure from the Marvel line from Hasbro. Decent articulation, a bit limited based on the bulk of the figure. He still works well enough with GI Joe/Cobra figures.  
Winter Soldier
I've seen this figure for a while and I continued to pass on him. I finally saw one at 5 Below and still passed on him. Finally, in a "what the hell" moment, I bought him. Decent articulation, but still a bit lacking in the two-arm firing stance. The hands aren't that great either. Still a decent figure. Worth the $5.00!

Have you found any figures out there that you can integrate into your GI Joe world? Sound off in the comments!

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Big Tone said...

Avengers movie Nick Fury (Sam Jackson) looks great when photographed next to Duke In any kind of war/strategy room setting.Marvels Constrictor looks cool when paired up with Serpentor,for obvious reasons.Deathlok,Agent Venom are others who would translate well In the Joe verse.