Friday, April 22, 2016

Randomness, Episode Whatever

I like me some Helix. I will always argue that Helix is the best figure to come out of the Rise of Cobra collection of figures. She is just a bad ass. 

Okay, sure, she's a Mary-Sue, but so what? Isn't Snake Eyes the male equivalent? Maybe his real name is Gary Stu? Whatever. I don't give a rat's ass. She's a bad ass figure and a bad ass character in my GI Joe world. 
Is she a genetically advanced experiment? A programmed super soldier? Hell, Black Widow from the Avengers is a Mary Sue, so why not Helix? 

Oh, and she is so photogenic! I've got three Helix bodies in my collection. Plus one minty fresh Helix. Ooh, she's purty!
This is the Bulma head sculpt from the movie DragonBall Z line. Crappy body but beautiful head sculpt. For a while, I just used Bulma as her code name, but a recent post in a Facebook group yielded a suggestion of "Spiral" as her name. Great connection to Helix, so she has become Spiral. There's almost an innocence to her face, but she's deadly as well.
Helix again, just because she's Helix.
This is the Scarlett Witch head sculpt. Works well enough on the Helix body. Someone suggested a spiral/helix related name, but damned if I can remember it now. I need to look up Helix in a thesaurus and see what works.

Three deadly ladies. If you have information that they need from you, just go ahead and give it up. Less painful in the long run.
The Renegades Tunnel Rat is a damn fine figure. Just great sculpting and a well done head sculpt. I blame Monte Williams for my new-found obsession with Tunnel Rat. When he was taking pics of Joe scaled figures, he always created some amazing pics with both Helix and Tunnel Rat.
I have never understood why Tunnel Rat, vintage or modern, had to carry around such a massive weapon. If he is meant to be able to creep around through creepy, dark, tight areas, wouldn't a smaller weapon be more effective?
Megatron? Another indirect inspiration from Monte. He posted a picture of a similar custom and I thought I would give it a shot. He kinda' got "pissed" at me because mine turned out a little better than his. That was pleasing to me.

Is he really Megatron? Maybe. Well, not the Transformer Megatron, but perhaps some alien Megatron from some alternate reality. Perhaps some techno-organic being bent on the destruction of organic life? Sure, why not?

That's about it for this post. I need to go take more pictures. Life is about to get crazy this summer and the collection has to get packed up for a while. I need some back stock of photos so my lazy ass can do some more posts.

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Validate me! Later, friends!


Dr Syn said...

Tunnel Rat is a good'in. That headsulpt is superb. I miss the PoC/30th/Renegade days.

And the Rise of Cobra Toyline will always be looked favorably on by me if only for introducing Helix. Shame about that character never getting any more figures.

At least with the H.A.C.Ks and Marauder Valkyries it'll be easy to make Beach-mission Helix downtime on at the PIT BDU Helix.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Snake Eyes the male equivalent?