Friday, November 27, 2015


I've been reduced to taking pictures with my iPhone. Spotty results at best. Sometimes I get a good shot, sometimes I don't. My crappy 53 year old near vision doesn't help much either.

I've got a decent DSLR, but my daughter has been using it at college for a digital photography course. Did she bring it home during Thanksgiving? Nope! Well, she'll be home in another week, so I'll get it then.

I also got a new version of Photoshop which I've used in the past to clean up and sharpen my image quality. I think I first used PhotoShop Elements 3 many years ago and have been sticking with that well beyond subsequent releases.

There are quite a few new tools in this new Photoshop that are turning out to pretty fun enhancement tools! Let's take a look at some results.
Straight out of the iPhone. Not so much. 
Kind of blurry and the colors are washed out.
Using the Vibrance tool, the colors really "pop" now. 
Maybe a bit too much, but I like the results.
Budo vs. Zombie Viper
Dark Ninjas (Retaliation) - 
they really need a cool clan name
Red Ninjas (Retaliation)
same here, they need a cool clan name
Tunnel Rat crawling in a Lego structure.
Cobra Vipers rescuing an injured soldier. 
Rescuing? I'll explain later.
Bulma! Or is it Spiral?
Deadly "sisters".

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Dr Syn said...

That Tunnel Rat shot is especially inspired.