Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bring on the Bad Guys

If I looked back through all of my posts, I wonder how many of them would be focused on Cobra, rather than GI Joe. There's just something about Cobra that fascinates me. Yeah, I know that they are the bad guys and the leadership is a bunch of nutcases, but what about the troops?

Too often in the cartoons, Cobra soldiers of whatever type were usually shown as bumbling inept soldiers. That concept just doesn't work for me. I imagine that to troops are hardcore tough soldiers.

My plan of rebooting the GI Joe/Cobra conflict requires a tough Cobra army, lead by competent individuals, not a clown who's going to constantly scream, "Cobra, retreat!"

I think I've done this before, but I thought I would revisit the leadership of my Cobra forces. There's a bunch of characters to go through. so click on the image of this odd Cobra Commander to see a Who's Who of villainy.

I could use some help with some of the characters.

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