Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Random Stuff via Periscope

I loaded a clever new app on my phone - Periscope. It allows someone to shoot a quick video with immediate interaction with viewers.

In our needy world of constant approval, this fits right in. Don't you get those emails asking you to take a survey about whatever service you've had done? Go to the doctor, auto service, restaurant, whatever - how did we do? Love me, please!

Despite all that needy crap, I think it's a cool little app (monetize it! make monies! I make 6 figures a day with Periscope and Twitter! How am I doing?). Sorry... random nonsense.

Still fun to be able to interact with like-minded people.

So here's my latest Periscope episode. The files actually delete themselves after a while on the 'Scope website. I'm sure Comrade Hillary Clinton is interested in anything that deletes her communications. Don't have to wipe a server now!

But you can link your Periscope site to ad it will save your files. From there, you can download the file or share them out into the series of tubes that make up the interwebs. 

So here it is...

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