Monday, July 7, 2008

Re-Roofing the Homestead!

It took over two months of haggling with my unnamed insurance company to finally get my roof replaced. Last year, we had a helluva' hailstorm that just rumbled through this area (south-side of Atlanta). Early this year, roofers started showing up in the neighborhood, working with homeowners to replace their storm damaged roofs.

I finally contacted a roofer who had done at least a dozen houses in the neighborhood with spectacular results. I started the process with my insurance and the first adjuster didn't seem to be quite up to speed on accurately measuring roofs. Everything finally got settled and last Monday, June 30th, a small horde of workers showed up, climbing all over my house, tearing off the old shingles and just causing total chaos!

They worked for at least twelve hours on Monday. Surprisingly, the noise wasn't that bad! I suppose you get used to it after a while. My kids couldn't sleep in, though. Awww....
After another nearly full day of work, the crew finished on Tuesday and the house looks great! We paid a little extra to have an architectural style of shingles put on the roof. Looks great! It'll probably add some extra value to the house (hopefully!).

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