Dickie Toys Holiday Camper

The scale of the camper is stated as 1/18th, but it's a tight fit. As far as actual RV's, I would classify this as a small Class A motorhome. As you'll see, it seems to be limited to being able to be "comfortably" used by just two people. At least for an extended trip. 
Let's take a look at the various features of this camper. I'll start with the exterior, primarily the decorative stickers. Much like actual RV's, the exterior decorations are similar to the idea of a vacation motorhome. My goal is to eventually paint the exterior, so the stickers had to go. They peel off easily, with sometimes minimal residue. Easier cleanup with some WD-40, used sparingly on a rag or paper towel.
Pretty little thing, huh?
Left side...
Right side...
Front end...
Rear end with bike rack...
Your hosts for this tour will be Duke and Scarlett, the G.I. Joe Team's favorite couple. (Sorry, Snake Eyes)
All of the windows on the sides of the body of the camper open up.
There's also a storage compartment that opens up just behind the driver's door. Oddly enough, I found this well after removing the stickers and exploring many of the other features.
At the back corner, on both sides, there are large panels that open up to reveal a large storage section. There's a slide out rack that contains a few little extra treats.
There's a small table and two folding chairs for eating outside in the great outdoors. That other piece? Stay tuned!
Either Scarlett or Duke easily fit in the seats up front. It's a bit of a tight fit, but any figure that bends easily at the hips will fit. Web gear might get in the way. Someone like Tunnel Rat, with his sculpted draped down overalls, won't be able to fit in either of the seats. 
The hood opens up to reveal the engine compartment. Nice little touch and an extra bit of fun in the details of the camper.
Scarlett heads inside...
There's that other hidden storage compartment, right by the stairs. It slides out for additional storage.
...while Duke deals with a stowaway.
"Hiya, Duke!"
"Tunnel Rat,what are you doing?"
Before we head inside, here's the extra piece from the rear storage compartment. This folds out and serves as an awning to provide some shade while you relax outside. Not necessary and it will eventually go into a spare parts box, along with the table and chairs. That rear compartment needs to be weapon storage!
Tunnel Rat grabs one of the bikes and heads out, perhaps to find some food?
Scarlett heads up to the top of the camper for a quick look at some of the rooftop features. The ladder is also removable, while the bike rack also folds up.
Hmm... a skylight over the bathroom/shower... Scarlett is suspicious.
Another skylight over the dining are. 
Well, that makes a little bit more sense.
Rooftop storage for extra gear.
The dashboard is nicely detailed and could really use a detailed paint job.
But there's an issue with that idea. The camper doesn't seem to be able to come apart. There are a few screws in the bottom, but they really don't seem to loosen anything up. There's also a series of intricate snaps that seem to indicate as to how the camper is put together. It looks like it was mostly snapped together with the idea of one-time assembly. I'm not giving up yet on being able to take it apart.
See? Duke and Scarlett fit nicely into the front seats.
Now back to the interior. It would be a tight fit for two people at the table.
1/18th scale? Really? But are G.I. Joe figures really 1/18th scale? Close enough, but it still makes for a very tight fit in the interior.
The small silver door above Scarlett's head also opens up.
Oh yeah, the whole top slides back and comes off for easy access to the interior.
There's a small cook-top and sink with a faucet. Nice details. 
The cabinets below are just decorative.
Let's head to the back for a look at more stuff.
There's a combination toilet/sink/shower set-up in this area.
"Yeah... I don't know about this..."
"Scarlett, have you seen the bathroom?"
"Yeah, I know..."
In the back, there's a sleeping area for two.
Well, at least Scarlett, right?
Well, Duke and Scarlett can sort of fit back there on the bed. 
Of course, you wouldn't be crawling into a bed with a full load of combat gear and boots. You'd be a bit more comfortable, right?
Oh yeah, one more late discovery. The rear bumper slides out, apparently for maybe storage for a small motor bike?
That's it, folks! That's a quick tour of the DT Holiday Camper.
Well? Duke? Scarlett? What do you think?
"Yeah, I think we'll pay cash!"


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What a great vehicle. I think they made a boat in the same vein.