Thursday, April 5, 2018

FSS 6.0: Vorona, WORMS Officer, Windmill, & Ghostrider

Big review time here on this ridiculous blog. Four figures for the price of one! Well,that's mainly because I'm a lazy ass and just haven't felt like writing much.

Anyway, since I have delayed so long in reviewing Vorona and the WORMS Officer, I thought that I would write up a quick review of the last four "revealed" figures from FSS 6.0.

Vorona is the code name of the October Guard member known as Daina. She was one of the original members introduced early in the GI Joe comics. I believe that Brandon Jerwa actually created her Vorona code name and used her quite a bit during his run on the Devil's Due GI Joe comics.

The figure turned out well enough. That harness across her chest is a bit bulky for her small frame, but it works out okay. Overall, Vorona turned out just fine and it's always good to have another female figure among the ranks.

Next up is the WORMS Officer, based on the WORMS driver of the MAGGOT. I always thought that the original figure was very well done by Hasbro and I think that the driver was sought after quite a bit to fill the crew of the MAGGOT. Was it ever re-released through mail order? I don't remember.

Decent job by the Club, but definitely not one of the best from FSS 6.0. The vest/jacket piece comes from a previous Club release or two. The name escapes me right now. A General from Destro's army? I don't recall, I'm too lazy to look him up. General Blitz? Anyway, the jacket portion is a bit too large for the torso and arms and it just doesn't look good. Plus, the helmet, while faithful, is a bit too large and wobbles about on the head. 

The Club went a different route with this guy and gave him a distinct personality on his file card. Decent idea and with the head being masked under the helmet, the figure could still be a troop builder. I originally planned on selling this guy to someone else, but ultimately decided that since the FSS waves are heading to the end, I'm going to keep all of the remaining figures through wave 8.0.

Next up is Windmill, originally the pilot of the Skystorm "x-wing" helicopter. The original figure was bright green and orange and the the Funskool (India) version was even crazier in color. The original Photoshop mock-up of Windmill was a bit bright than the final result. The head is a reuse from... Dodger from BF2000? Maybe, I'll check later.

Overall, I like the figure. The choice of vest isn't that great, it's a bit bulky under the arms and doesn't allow for his arms to come down to his sides. But who cares? He's piloting his cool heli-pack! Uhh, what are the brake handles for on the control sticks?

Finally, I come to "##########."  Uh who? It's Ghostrider, damn it! I think that the name Ghostrider was perfect for the pilot of the Phantom stealth fighter. But Marvel has this other character, some sort of blazing skull dude, and they had to knock down Hasbro's use of the name, at least in the comics. Trademark issue. Whatever. I don't give a crap about Burning Skull, I like this guy as Ghostrider!

Anyway, the Club did a helluva' job with Ghostrider. I'm not sure about all the parts used. I know that's Blaster's head. There's an armored chest under that bad ass red scarf and I think the legs came from POC General Hawk. Whatever. The original figure was simple in design and the Club captured the basic design quite well.

Ghostrider is easily one of the best figures from FSS 6.0. Is he the best? Not sure, I've got to look each over to get my rankings together.

So what about the mystery 13th figure? Who made that slot? Well, I'm sure you know who he is, but I had a minor issue with my figure. If you've read my posts on various Facebook GI Joe pages, including the pone for this bit of nonsense, you know the story. Stay tuned!

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Barbecue17 said...

That Ghostrider is excellent. I love the nod to the fact that no one could remember his name in the comics. Very funny stuff. I'm digging the map on his right leg, too. Always a detail I loved on the vintage figure.