Friday, April 6, 2018

FSS 6.0: Tiger Force Roadblock

The Club hit a home run with their  mystery 13th figure for FSS 6.0. I don't know if anyone predicted that it would be a new version of Roadblock. Plus the Club got to use an unused original head sculpt of Roadblock from Hasbro. Using Rock/Roadblock body parts, the Club did a damn fine job and he's awesome!

Well, not quite. Unfortunately, I fell victim to a random factory error.

 Roadblock's right arm, no problems, great sculpted musculature.
Left arm, straight out of the package. Something is looking a bit odd. That's his triceps on the front of his arm and there's that muscle that connects to the back of the elbow. Initially, I thought that the arm was just positioned incorrectly and just needed to be twisted around on the shoulder joint.
Nope, it didn't work out that way. This is an upper right arm part on his left side. You can see the exact sculpted details like the other arm.
An attempt to flip the arm around shows the less detailed underside of the arm. It doesn't looked near as good as the detailing of the right arm.
Plus, the arm construction allows for it to fit closer to the body. It doesn't work out that way once you flip the arm around. Crap.

I posted a few places on Facebook, mainly to see if this was a common error or did I just get a factory error. It seems like it's just a factory error and no fault of the Club. Shit happens. 

I guess I can't go off on an awful tirade against the Club. 
"Deth of teh line! The Club sux! Hasblow ruined my childhood!"

I emailed the Club and after a couple messages, they let me know that I could send in my Roadblock and they would send me a new one. Awesome customer service! Yeah, I'm still a Club supporter and truly appreciate all that they have done to support the love of such a great toy line!

Looking forward to Roadblock returning to me, fit and ready for action!

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